Tips And Tricks - No Key:

The problem of a trunk with no key.

There are a number of solutions to this problem.

1. Search flea markets, antique shops and auctions for keys. Eventually, you may find one that fits your lock. However, you may end up with 700-800 keys like we have that don't fit anything.

2. Take your trunk to a locksmith and have a key fitted.

3. Remove the lock and replace it with one that has a key.

4. (This is the method that seems most practical) Drill out the rivets that hold the lock in, take the lock to a locksmith and have a key fitted. Put the lock back on the trunk using either rivets, nuts and bolts, or screws. We use trunk nails and clinch them over on the inside.

5. Take the lock out and send it to us. We will fit a key to the lock for a fee of $25 plus postage.

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