Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is my trunk worth?
Answer: Many people e-mail us about an appraisal of their own trunks. In order to give a proper evaluation of your trunk we will need the following:

Please send all information to the address at the bottom of this page. Or you can email the information to: There is a $75 charge for basic trunk evaluations. Sometimes more research is needed to properly evaluate a trunk. We charge $65/hr for research and will let you know in advance of any additional charge. If mail your pictures and you would like them returned, include a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope (SASE).

The evaluation will include a written appraisal and a cover letter that goes into more detail about what we have discovered about your trunk.

Question: Do you carry parts?
Answer: Yes, we have many trunk parts available. Hinges, handles, locks, nails, and tacks. Take a look at our Parts Catalog.

We also carry a limited supply of hard to find antique parts including locks and drawbolts. Just let us know what you're looking for.

Question: How old is my trunk?
Answer: Most trunks that we see around today were made within a span of about 100 years. From approximately 1820-1920. For a more precise date see above for appraisals or grab a copy of our book:
Antique Trunks : Identification and Price Guide

Question: How do I refinish my trunk?
Answer: Most trunks can be Refinished. It is a time consuming process that should be well thought out. We offer over 30 years of restoration services and would be happy to give you a quote.

If you are up for a project, we have written a comprehensive, easy to follow Refinishing Book, detailing the step by step process of trunk restoration, complete with the 'do's and don'ts' we have found to be successful. We also supply all the parts you'll need, some of which can be hard to find.

Question: Do you have information that will help me date, price, appraise, and refinish my own trunk?
Answer: Yes. We have written a comprehensive book, Antique Trunks : Identification and Price Guide, which contains material that you will help you do that, and more. In addition to being an interesting read, it includes a trunk makers database of over 100 trunk makers and general refinishing and repair tips for your trunk. The book has pictures and prices of trunks from 1770-1930.

Question: Do we ship?
Answer: Yes. Usually through UPS. Most trunks can be shipped for about $100-$200 if they fall within the UPS size guidelines.

Question: How do I know that I'll like a trunk that I bought from you over the internet?

Answer: You can be comfortable purchasing a trunk from us over the internet or in our store because we guarantee satisfaction. And further, if at some future date you decide that you would like to trade in your trunk for another we will give you full credit provided that the trunk is in the same condition as when purchased.