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A Complete "How To" Refinishing Guide

The only book of it's kind!

Over 200 pages of well illustrated instructions on how to complete any repair or refinish job on your trunk. This is the long awaited revised edition to the original book on refinishing that we published eight years ago. Over 7,000 copies of the original book have been sold and it established as the industry leader in providing information for working on antique trunks.

This book is crammed full of information and has over 175 new illustrations and pictures. You will find it a valuable addition to your library and it will prove to make your trunk work easier and more efficient.

What the Critics have said...

"...a unique style, informative and humorous."
The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles, December 2009.

"...straightforward instructions....comical vintage drawings and closeup photographs help explain the process."
Maine Antique Digest, February 2010.

Price: $29.99, plus $5.00 for shipping.

1. Antique Trunks, Refinish, Repair, Restore. Revised and Expanded
$29.99 plus $5.00 shipping

2. Antique Trunks, Identification and Price Guide.
$49.99 plus $5.00 shipping

Buy both books and still pay only $5.00 for shipping.

An Electronic Version of Antique Trunks, Refinish, Repair, Restore is also available for immediate download. Save $5.00 in shipping.

Printed version:

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Electronic Version:

Individual chapters of the Refinishing book are also available for download.

Don't want to spend $30 for the whole Refinishing book? You can order individual sections for as little as $5 each. With this option you will be able to have the section delivered instantly to your computer in PDF file format.


Exterior work on your trunk ($10)

Interior work on your trunk ($5)

Working with locks and keys ($5)

Making a tray ($5)

Pricing your refinishing work and selling your trunk ($5)

24 important tips we have discovered over 40 years ($5)

Identification and Price Guide

A complete guide to identifying and valuing your trunk.

192 pages of color trunk illustrations Victorian prints, Patent Images, Advertising images and more.

1. Antique Trunks, Identification and Price Guide
$49.99 plus $5.00 shipping

2. Antique Trunks, Refinish, Repair, Restore: Revised and Expanded
$29.99 plus $5.00 shipping

Special: Order both books and still pay only $5.00 shipping.

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Louis Vuitton : 100 Legendary Trunks & Louis Vuitton : The Birth of Modern Luxury

Many fabulous trunks have traveled in and out of our workshop. One of our favorites, and a world leader in high end 'travel-ware', is Louis Vuitton! We're happy to have a few extra copies of Louis Vuitton : 100 Legendary Trunks, and Louis Vuitton : The Birth of Modern Luxury, both utterly facinating books, featuring the journey and success of the Vuitton family.

Fully illustrated and full of colour, these hardbound, 10" x 12" books showcase the innovative trunks they have made over the last 160 years. These are "must have" books for any LV enthusiast or collector.

Louis Vuitton : 100 Legendary Trunks by Pierre Leonforte and Eric Pajulet-Plaa
$125 plus $10 for shipping

Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury
Written by Paul-Gerard Pasols

$125.00 plus $10 shipping.